Beacon can provide annual audiograms to each employee enrolled in a Hearing Conservation Program.  The audiograms are conducted under the appropriate conditions at one of Beacon's clinics or on location.  The test is compared to the original / revised baseline and reviewed with the employee.  If the employee does not have an established baseline, the current test serves as the employee's baseline.  The results of subsequent annual tests are compared to the original / revised baseline to ensure the employee has not incurred a Standard Threshold Shift (STS) or an OSHA Recordable Shift.  


All audiograms performed by Beacon are compliant with the OSHA Occupational Noise Standard 29 CFR 1910.95.  After testing, Beacon provides written notification regarding each employees hearing status, if follow-up is needed, and recommendations on appropriate follow-up.


Beacon can provide the testing necessary to comply with an employer's Hearing Conservation Program, or can help conduct the noise monitoring and written program for employers looking to start a Hearing Conservation Program. Call today for more information.