Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM) & Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS)

Course Information: This two-hour course satisfies the general training requirements of OSHA’s hazard communication standard 29 CFR 1920.1200. Students will learn the employer’s responsibilities to communicate hazards, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) / Safety Data Sheets (SDS), labels, tags and signs, as well as, what your company’s hazard communication program includes.

Key Topics Covered: Chemicals in the workplace, how to determine chemical hazards, and how to stay protected from those hazards.

Course Duration: 2 hours
Certifications Received: Yes
Price: $45.00
Accreditation: per OSHA regulations
Recertification Interval: Initial, as regulations updated
Prerequisites: none
Course Format: Instructor led / classroom setting. Scheduled as needed for clients in Anchorage or on site

Offered by special request

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