HAZWOPER 40-hour

Course Information: This 40-hour course is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA 1910.120. The course will include review of the OSHA requirements for employees who are required to work with and/or around hazardous materials in either everyday operations or as a member of an organized spill response team. Students will learn how to recognize hazardous materials by understanding how they are packaged, transported, and stored. Students will receive a thorough understanding of how hazardous materials are classified, labeled, and/or placarded. Other topics discussed will include toxicology, air monitoring, confined space requirements, safe drum handling, and site characterization. During the course time is spent reviewing the procedures to properly use personal protective equipment (PPE), decontamination, and the use of Incident Command Systems (ICS). At the end of the course all students must demonstrate to the instructor through practical evaluation that he/she is competent in all aspects of HAZWOPER before a certification can be received.

Key Topics Covered: OSHA Requirements to meet 1910.120 for the General Site worker. Recognizing hazardous materials and understand how hazardous materials are classified, labeled, and placarded. Using proper PPE, decontamination, use of ICS.

Course Duration: 40 hours
Certifications Received: Yes
Price: $525.00
Accreditation: Per OSHA regulations
Recertification Interval: Annual refresher training
Prerequisites: None
Course Format: Instructor led / classroom setting. Beacon offers on-site, client specific, and open enrollment opportunities for this course

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