North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC), optional H2S/FeS

**Masks are required to enter our building. Seats in the Anchorage class will be limited to allow for social distancing. If the class is not listed, it is full and no walk-ins will be taken. I Students use the Cordova Street side entrance to the building be allowed access to check in for class.

Course Information: The 8-hour Unescorted Course is required for all employees prior to arrival on the North Slope. The course consists of six modules (six-pack) plus Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)/ Iron Sulfide (FeS). Each module makes use of lecture, discussion, individual and small group exercises, and quizzes to involve employees in their own learning. Upon completion of the course, employees receive an NSTC card, which allows them to travel unescorted within and between the operating fields to which they are assigned.

In addition to the “six-pack,” H2S/FeS may be required for facility access. This course is provided to ensure that personnel working in H2S/FeS designated areas on the North Slope can recognize the hazardous characteristics of H2S/FeS and can correctly apply the standards, procedures and emergency response practices for potential exposures. The course covers the physical and health characteristics of the vapor, exposure limits, alarms, in areas where H2S/FeS may be present. Any person with long-term or temporary work assignment on the North Slope who must work unescorted in H2S/FeS designated facilities.

Key Topics Covered:

  • The Unescorted Course consists of the following six modules:
    • Alaska Safety Handbook
    • Camps and safety orientation
    • Environmental excellence
    • Hazard communication (HAZCOM)
    • HAZWOPER awareness
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide and Iron Sulfide

Special Notice for KENAI only: Class is subject to cancelation if minimum of 6 students registered is not met. Determination will be made one week prior to class.

Course Duration: 8 hours, lunch is included for Anchorage classes.
Certifications Received: Yes
Price: $160.00 – $180.00 Anchorage, $212.00 Kenai.
Accreditation: Per NSTC standards
Recertification Interval: As modules are updated, no annual renewal required. New update 2018 ASH, released in 1/2/2018. To schedule, call 907-222-7612.
Prerequisites: None
Offerings: NSTC offered in Anchorage Monday through Friday.

NSTC card reprints are handled by Alaska Safety Alliance. Please call 907-770-5250.