At Beacon, we all come to work every day because we’re passionate about helping others. Beacon’s founder Holly Hylen, called it “filling your bucket”—living with purpose and passion.

In 1999, Holly founded Beacon, hoping to make an impact in the lives of those she served. From its humble beginnings, operating out of a trailer hitched on the back of a Dodge Ram–to the international single-source solution it is today, Beacon’s commitment to occupational health and safety continues to shine bright.

The average worker spends one-third of their adult life on the job. We want to make sure that the time workers spend onsite is safe and productive. For us, occupational health and safety is about more than a drug test or a physical exam. It’s about people.

Some industries are inherently more vulnerable to on-the-job risk due to geographic isolation, heavy machinery, handling of hazardous materials, and other unavoidable factors. These include oil and gas development, construction, mining, forestry, trucking, and other industries crucial to our modern way of life. At the end of the day, we want to do our part to ensure that all employees go home in the same condition (or better) as when they clocked in.


In 2014, International SOS and Beacon announced a strategic affiliation to expand offerings in the areas of occupational health, remote medical, and safety. Specializing in industrial and energy sector multinational companies, this team delivers occupational health and medical staffing expertise to clients with operations in North America, the Gulf of Mexico, and across the Arctic region.

In 2022, Beacon became a fully owned company of International SOS, further enhancing our capabilities to provide unique services and solutions for organizations in the industrial and energy sectors. International SOS and Beacon work with the world’s largest oil and gas, mining, and large-scale construction companies to offer risk assessment, prevention, informed medical and security advice, evacuation services, and more. Together we look forward to serving Alaska consistently, as Beacon has done since 1999!