Everything you need to maintain the health and safety of your employees.

Beacon provides remote medical, safety, training, and clinical services that assist clients in keeping employees safe, healthy, and productive, wherever they are located.

Beacon’s strategy is to closely partner with clients by providing a single source solution. This maximizes professional expertise throughout our organization, leverages economies of scale and delivers a cost effective, seamless solution that meets your company’s medical, safety, and training requirements.

We believe that consistency ensures quality. By utilizing Beacon for all your medical, safety, and training needs you can be assured of the same high level of support, service, and expertise across the board.

Quality assurance is a critical component in the delivery of all of our services. Our team utilizes standard operating procedures, checklists, audit forms, performance appraisals, contract performance reviews, and ongoing education to establish quality expectations. Our clients can be confident that Beacon is delivering services that keep their employees safe and their workplace more productive.


  • A fully integrated solution to support clients regulatory, contractual, and company compliance requirements.
  • Streamlined contract management by having one vendor that is accountable for all of your firm’s remote medical, occupational medicine, safety, and training requirements.
  • Robust quality assurance that ensures consistency and quality of service delivery.
  • The ability to leverage industry and regulatory best–practices and compliance requirements across different services to improve compliance and workplace safety.
  • Reporting and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that align between medical, safety, and training service.
  • The Beacon Team maintains a depth of resources that can meet changing requirements and workforce needs.