Physicals, Medical Surveillance Evaluations Available at Beacon’s Deadhorse Clinic

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Medical surveillance refers to the periodic testing of employees exposed to potentially hazardous materials or other risks in the workplace in an attempt to uncover early signs of work-related illness. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) often requires surveillance to detect illness caused by materials such as asbestos, lead, formaldehyde, benzene, and hazardous waste. The critical component of the medical surveillance is appropriate follow-up of abnormalities discovered during the examination.

Common OSHA Regulations and Required Exams

The following exams now available at Beacon’s Deadhorse Clinic, based on current OSHA regulations are as follows:

  • DOT (49.cfr 391.41)
  • Asbestos (1910/1926.1001)
  • Crane operator (1910.179)
  • HAZWOPER (1910.120)

Medical Exam Surveillance

This is typically completed at the following frequency:

  • Pre-placement
  • Baseline
  • At transfer, retirement, or termination
  • Annually
  • More often than annual (if the physician deems appropriate, when the employee develops signs or symptoms associated with chemical exposure, or according to OSHA standards)

To schedule your DOT exam, contact our Deadhorse location at or 907-659-2699.


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