Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Course Information: The BAT candidate receive training that instructs them to understand and demonstrate proficiency in using the alcohol testing protocol detailed in 49 CFR Part 40. The training includes both a comprehensive procedural instruction and an equipment proficiency demonstration specific to the manufacturer and model of the breath alcohol testing device being used. The student equipment proficiency demonstration must be observed “live” by the BAT instructor. The student must perform a minimum of seven mock tests on a live subject using their EBT instrument. Online training must be completed prior to and within 30 days of proficiencies.

Device option: Intoximeter RBT IV or Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0

Key Topics Covered: Alcohol testing protocol detailed in 49 CFR Part 40. Mock test with EBT instrument.
Course Duration: 3 hours (Online training of rules and regulations). 4 hours (Proficiency Test w/ a Certified Collector).
Certifications Received: Yes
Price: $420.00
Accreditation: Intoximeter and Lifeloc
Recertification Interval: 5 years
Prerequisites: none
Course Format: Online training prior to observed proficiency testing

Offered by special request

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