Ted Schmitt | Clinical Services

Ted Schmitt is the Remote Field Supervisor for an oilfield service company working on Alaska’s North Slope. He was recently treated at the Beacon Clinic. He hadn’t been feeling well for a few days and decided to get checked out at Beacon’s Deadhorse location.

“The scheduling and registration process was a breeze,” said Schmitt. “You walk right in, show your insurance card and are seen right away – no waiting.”

Schmitt’s condition was quickly assessed. It became clear that Schmitt needed to be transferred “off slope” for emergency care.

“The physician assistant helped coordinate my departure and had all of my medical information sent to the ER team at the Anchorage hospital where I would later go,” said Ted. “They arranged for me to get on a chartered flight to go directly to an ER in Anchorage. It was great to show up at the hospital with the emergency room MD expecting me. They had all of my information on-hand. The PA called me to follow-up on how I was feeling. His care and concern was greatly appreciated.”

Schmitt was ultimately diagnosed with pneumonia and has since fully recovered.

“The care I received was great,” said Schmitt. “I have spent a lot of time in hospitals over the years and I have developed a classic ‘white coat syndrome.’ When I was at the Beacon clinic I felt comfortable with the team and confident I was getting the best care.”

Schmitt described Beacon’s services as “outstanding.” “I would highly recommend Beacon,” he said. “Based on my past experiences, Beacon provides the highest quality of care with the most streamlined and accommodating process. Considering the circumstances, it was a great experience and I’m thankful they were there to take care of me.”

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