Tom Redmond | Clinical Services

“The knowledge, skills, and professionalism of the Beacon team are excellent. It’s the best I’ve ever experienced throughout my career.” – Tom Redmond, SolstenXP

Tom Redmond is the Director of Human Resources at SolstenXP, a leading project management and contracting service company for the petroleum and natural resource industries in Alaska and beyond.​

Redmond is responsible for the health and safety of close to 500 employees at SolstenXP​. Beacon is a trusted partner he can rely on. Before Redmond worked at SolstenXP, he approached​ a company that offered similar services to Beacon: “We didn’t receive information in a timely manner,” said Redmond, “It cost our organization over half a million dollars. This is when I started working with Beacon.”

Redmond’s experience with Beacon goes back a long way: “I have personally been working with Beacon since 2002 at three different organizations,” said Redmond. “I have relied upon them heavily and this explains why I felt confident bringing them into two different organizations.”

Beacon’s large network of clinics across the United States proved invaluable to SolstenXP. Redmond has utilized Beacon’s services to establish a consistent pre-employment screening service which facilitates physical and drug & alcohol testing all over the country.

“The outcome,” said Redmond, “is that we can be confident that we are putting the right people into the correct jobs.”

SolstenXP utilizes Beacon for clinical services including drug & alcohol testing, Fit-for-Duty programs, and third-party administration. SolstenXP also uses Beacon’s remote medical, safety consulting & staff augmentation and training services.

Redmond also values Beacon’s top-notch customer service. “Beacon’s responsiveness and client service is excellent. If there is ever a problem, it receives quick attention and is resolved immediately.”

At Beacon we believe in our client’s success. We will work hand in hand with you to reduce accidents and injuries, reduce costs, and improve the health and productivity of your staff. We are grateful to Tom Redmond and SolstenXP for trusting us with the responsibility of improving the health and productivity of their most valuable assets.

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