Kermit Hemmert | Training Services

Kermit Hemmert works as a Safety Advisor for a large global oil and gas company, and recently completed the NSTC (North Slope Training Cooperative) training course.

“The scheduling process was seamless. Our administrative assistant scheduled it and it fit within my schedule,” said Hemmert. “Nice location. Nice timing.”

Hemmert felt the instruction was well grounded in the practical instruction. “There is a long history of oil and gas in Alaska,” said Hemmert, “and Beacon wants to make sure that workers in our industry are sensitive to the safety and environmental requirements.”

Hemmert felt the instructor was great and taught the course at a good pace. “The instructor provided great feedback and asked pertinent questions to get the class involved,” said Hemmert. “He also provided good content about what actually occurs in the field. It was important for me to learn what to do to keep myself out of trouble. For example: Don’t drive on the tundra. Don’t interact with the wildlife. Make sure you comply with all of the arctic gear requirements.”

The class provided Hemmert with real-world scenarios and tools to cope with unexpected circumstances. Beacon’s facilities also provided a comfortable environment.

“The training facility was consistent with what I have seen in other first-class facilities,” said Hemmert. “Everything was clean, comfortable, and the A/V equipment worked fine.”

“I would definitely recommend the course to others who will be working in the arctic areas of Alaska.“

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