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Rachel Lawler has been working at Beacon since 2011. Her first role at Beacon was Clinical Coordinator. She has since been promoted to Lead Clinical Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, Supervisor of Occupational Medicine, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, and is now Beacon’s Vice President of Clinical Services.

“My responsibilities include assisting the Clinical Director, senior leaders, and team leads in daily operations. I maintain work operations, and document actions and requirements,” said Lawler.

Beacon’s core values (rock star customer service, operational excellence, and having fun) are an important part of why Lawler loves working at Beacon.

“Our core values play a big role in our operations here,” said Lawler “We work hard as a team to ensure our clients receive the best and most efficient service possible. We have fun at work because we enjoy what we do. It’s very rewarding.”

Lawler is always impressed at Beacon’s ability to function as a team. “When large projects come up, we tackle them together,” said Lawler. “Currently there are major IT upgrades and the team leads have done an excellent job to ensure the results will make everyone’s job easier.”

“I’ve had great opportunities working here at Beacon,” said Lawler. “I was given the chance to work at one of our client’s facilities, a global energy company. This provided additional work experience and exposed me to different aspects of our operations.”

When asked what she would say to someone looking to work at Beacon, Lawler replied: “Working at Beacon means you get to be a part of an innovative company that is growing, a place where employees are truly engaged, and hard work is rewarded. Working at Beacon will give you the opportunity and resources you need to progress in your career (and you’ll make great friends along the way).”

In her free time, Lawler likes to camp, fly-fish, and spend time with her family.

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